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The Staropramen Glass

The Staropramen brand has always been fond of its birthplace and home, the city of Prague. This year, Staropramen dedicated its new limited edition glass to the city that makes everything - a bit different.

The Staropramen Glass is limited edition product, handcrafted by the finest glassmakers in the Czech Republic as an impressive testament to the contrast of the modern and traditional; the playful spirit of Prague.

The architecture of Prague, the zig-zag patterns present in its space and the amazing art that enriches this city served as an inspiration for the shape and the details of the glass. The Staropramen Glass has a very distinct fragmented shape, making it a beer glass as much as a design statement. Volume of the Glass is the standard 0,33L and will be a limited edition of just 1869 pieces globally.

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The Making Of..

The Interview

From the very first napkin sketch to the marvelous finish, Staropramen Glass is an idea made alive through design and fire.
The same fire that burns in the halls of the Staropramen brewery and the minds of the people determined to make great beer.
The same design that invokes emotions on the vibrant streets of a city that gave birth to the idea of Staropramen.

We’re very excited to share the fire and design of Staropramen Glass - with you.

NOTICE: Staropramen Glass is NOT available in Czech Republic