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Taste the spirit of Prague!

Your favorite beer tastes even better paired with great food!

Pickled Cucumbers with

For Lager Beer


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Modern Polenta
Farmers’ Best

For Dark Beer


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If Staropramen Lager is your favorite, it meansyou are a person of fine, classic choices.
With a clear golden color and a slightly bitter and highly refreshing taste, this beer is perfect with chicken, fish or veal, a light sweet & sour salad, with or without cheese, and a sour dessert with oranges or lemons.

If you’re a big fan of Staropramen Dark beer instead, you are an adventurous person of strong tastes.
With a rich texture and a fine taste of caramel, this beer goes great with barbecues (beef, pork, quarry) and spicy food (of Indian or Mexican inspiration). For dessert, you can pair your beer with anything based on chocolate.