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Beer Snacks

Beer Snacks are traveling around Europe in 2021, visiting culinary experts and foodies from Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Slovakia. The challenge features more than 50 recipes from all around Europe. Now is the time to explore the world of Staropramen Beer Snacks.

They are creating their own snacks and re-creating tasty dishes created by Romanian Chef Sorin Bontea and Hungarian Chef Jenő Rácz. That extra ingredient is adding their own local twists to the famous dishes. All personalities have one thing in common - they enjoy food almost as much as they enjoy Staropramen. 

Foodies of the world - wake up your taste buds and explore diverse culinary styles with Staropramen Beer Snacks.   


Chef Jenő Rácz
Chef Sorin Bontea