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The process behind a good beer recipe

The beer that we drink is a product of knowledge, experience, many trials and errors as well as pure love for beer. All of these things, before they even become beer, are reflected in the beer recipe.

In order to start writing the recipe, the brewer has to do several things. One thing is to have an idea of what does he want to create for the customer to drink. The other thing is to research all the ingredients and various processes that are needed to achieve the intended flavour profile.


The best part of brewing is that there are no boundaries. By simply asking yourself “What if …?”, a new idea can pop-out. Although we lack historical evidence, chances are that some of our very own Staropramen beers were created that way. Like, back in the 19th century, when our famous brewer Michael Trnka went on to create the Desetka beer. His idea was very clear – create a full flavoured, yet low in alcohol beer for workers living in the neighbourhood of Smichov where the brewery was located. And that was the beginning of our 4% ABV beer.

The brewer can also start with some ingredient and go on from there. Here are some of our own more recent examples: “What if we put some kind of spice into wheat beer?” (Unfiltered, brewed with coriander). “What if we hopped our beer with loooooots of hops?” (Selection, brewed with three different hop varieties) “What if we used roasted barley to create a light in alcohol, yet full-bodied dark lager?” (Dark)

Before writing the recipe, the brewer has to look for the beer concept. Only after he finds one (like in the examples above) can he write the recipe which is a guide and reminder for the entire process. Who knows what will be the next question that leads to a new beer in the Staropramen brewing journey?