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Should we nominate beer tasting as an Olympic discipline! Why not?

Read about the secrets of tasting and judging beer in our new blog post. #BeerOlympics #Medals


Tasting beer on a regular basis, as a brewer or a judge at a competition, might seem like a dream job since you have to try the best liquid in the world more times than the average person. The main things professional reviewers usually look for in beer are appearance, aroma, flavour, mouth-feel and general impression. In order to get a better general impression about beer, here are some tips how to explore the complexities of beer and enjoy drinking it in a new way, without getting too professional about it.


The best way to start the beer-tasting journey is to drink beer from a clean glass at the right temperature. If the beer is too cold, some of the flavors can go unnoticed. Typically, a premium lager beer like Staropramen is best appreciated in the 4-7 °C range. For other beer styles various temperatures are recommended.


Before actually having a sip of beer, it is a good idea to look at the general appearance, most notably the foamy head (if there is one) and the color. The visual observation is followed by a light swirl that is not supposed to make a person doing it look like a fancy wine sommelier but rather help bring out the more subtle beer aromas. Sniffing the beer afterwards is also important since almost 95% of human taste experience comes from the sense of smell. A sniff or two before actually drinking the beer can help us pick up some more beauty from our beer.


And now we finally get to the drinking part! However, beer should not be rushed and swallowed in a Homer Simpson-style gulp right away. When left to linger inside the mouth, more flavours are uncovered and a feel of the body of the beer is more easily perceived. The final act of tasting beer is appropriately named the finish because we can taste if the beer flavour disappears or pleasantly sticks around.


In the latter case, the beer deserves a medal so be sure to order another one and keep letting the beer do its magical work for your taste buds. They will forever be thankful to you.