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How to celebrate national beer culture?

One of many definitions of culture states that culture is “ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society”. Czech beer culture is visible in every corner of this wonderful country. From the beer lovers perspective, typical Czech culture is represented via ležák beer, breweries, tapmasters, the proper Czech pour, tank beer, serving and ordering rituals as well as typical food that goes well with beer. They form the base of beer culture that is visible to every visitor.

Behind all the great beer poured, there is a number of details that contribute to having great beer in the first place. Things like generations of locally trained brewmasters, the use of decoction brewing, locally grown hops and malts all together form the backbone of Czech brewing culture.

In order to survive, culture has to be nurtured and celebrated. When it comes to beer, it is safe to say that Czechs did a fine job in the last few centuries, with beer like Staropramen exported all over the world, in part thanks to its great roots.  

Some countries have lately started rediscovering their own roots and creating their own beer culture. Like Norway, where the use of kveik yeast in farmhouse ales propelled a whole new level of enthusiasm for beer. Or Lithuania, where old brewing techniques (unboiled wort!) and styles (i.e. keptinis where the mash is baked in pans) seem to be doing something similar. 
As we can see, beer connects people all over the world in many different ways. We will na zdraví to that!