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How to best enjoy beer during the winter

Oh winter! Despite freezing fingers, wet clothes and nagging colds, the very thought of it brings warm memories back. The romantic, idealistic idea of winter is next to a fireplace with a cup of warm drink. 

Beer, thanks to its versatility and the fact that it can delight the drinkers taste palate in the sweet, sour and bitter spectrum, can do wonderful things during the cold months of the year. 
The colder the weather, the more popular dark beers are. It is hard to find some scientific justification for this, but there is probably something in the fact that dark beers are usually more malt forward. The sweet flavor of malt, along with alcohol, brings the much needed warmth to the body. 

Depending on the malt profile, various flavors can be found in beer. The dark colour of beer is the result of using various colour malts that have been treated to higher kilning temperatures. Thanks to these, their colour is not only darker but as a result of higher temperatures, these malts release quite interesting flavors. That is how dark beers become nutty, biscuity, caramely, toasty, raisiny, plumy, coffee-like etc. The brewer can play with all of these flavors by adding various malts to the beer in order to get different results. If the brewers decides so, the beer can taste even like a liquid cake, thanks to the use of dark malts. The important thing is not to overdo the beer and create a mess. Balance is everything.

Winter calls for rich, heavy in the callory category food. For such food, beer is an ideal partner. 
Think about a common winter dish like roasted pork. Imagine having the tender, juicy, crispy pork served with a glass of Staropramen Dark. Thanks to the caramel malt sweetness, the beer compliments the roasted meat with just the right touch of warmth.

Beer has always been much more than a pure thirst quencher. Winter is the time when this is at full display.