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Beer Glasware

A few friends are coming over so naturally you grab some snacks and Staropramen out of the fridge to round out a great evening. What glass should you serve the beer in? Certainly not the pink dinosaur ones your aunt got you for your last birthday.

Throughout history beer was drank from all sorts of containers: wooden cups, terracotta pots and even things that can most easily be described as leather pouches. The beer itself was mostly dark due to the technical aspect of malting so the color of beer was somewhat predictable. With the invention of pale malts in 19th century, the color of beer became nicer to look at. The beer was golden and less hazy. At the same time glass became cheaper to produce and voila - beer glassware became a thing. With the advancements in glass production both glass producers and brewers started exploring how glass shape works for various beer styles. Some glass shapes are just for showing off but most of them really do provide functional value. Probably the most famous glass shape is the weizen glass, created for wheat beer. This tall, slender glass with a wide opening allows the beer to perfectly showcase its biggest trait, the rich, foamy head.

When it comes to Staropramen and similar lager beers, the choices are quite wide. One can go with a classic pilsner glass that is shaped like a vertically standing trumpet, enabling the beer to keep the head intact while clearly showing the golden colour and carbonization bubbles. Other popular lager choice is a heavy mug. Although in some cases they tend to feel as if one is lifting a hammer in some medieval battle, they are great for pouring a large volume of beer followed by a loud cling with friends. Lately the glass making industry is offering a huge selection of various beer glasses. This allows the beer aficionados to not only find the beer glass that suits their favourite style but also to find something esthetically pleasing. The glassmakers across the globe have done their best to do justice to the wonderful drink served inside their glass.