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Beer Snacks Recipes

White asparagus, Serrano ham, Parmesan foam,Grilled honeydew,Popcorn salt


Sandwiches with rucola and mozzarella


Peel and cook asparagus for 6 mins in salty water.
Start to reduce beer to a syrup with sugar, then allow to cool and make a dressing emulsion with vinegar, mirin, pomace olive oil and mustard.Coat up asparagus with the dressing and let it marinate for 10mins
Make popcorn using a small sauce pan, once they are popped use a mortar to crush into a fine popcorn, this will be seasoning on top of the dressed asparagus
Mix milk and cream and whisk into the mixture the grated parmesan, and add soy lechitin to make stable foam using a a handblender
With a melon baller make honeydew balls and saute in a frying pan, until slightly caramelised
Use edible flowers when presenting the dish


Parmesan foam:
5gr soy lechitin
100gr grated  parmesan
100gr cream
300gr milk

Sweet beer dressing:
200ml beer reduced with 50gr of sugar to 50ml of beer syrup
50ml mirin
80ml apple cider vinegar
300ml of Pomace olive oil
10gr dijon mustard

Popcorn salt:
5gr salt
20gr dry corn for popping
50ml sunflower oil

5gr Dill

50gr of honeydew
100gr white asparagus
Edible flower mix
Salt and pepper to taste