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Beer Snacks Recipes

Mangalica Collar minute steak, with exotic beer glace, carrot textures


Sandwiches with rucola and mozzarella


1. Mangalica collar to be cooked with  sous vide on 58 dergrees for 30minutes
2. Make glace with mixing honey, miring and reduced beer add sliced ginger and garlic and leave in fridge for 1hour
3. Peel and thin slice carrots in chicken stock. Once soft, add to blender and add cream and butter. Season with Rash el hanout
4. Peel baby carrots, put it into a sous vide bag, cut vanilla in half, scrape out the seeds and add to the bag, and butter and cook in 100degrees water  in sous vide for 6 minutes.
5. Heat oil to 150 degrees and fry the green leaves for crunchy texture herb crisp.


200gr Mangalica collar steak
100gr Acacia honey 
50gr Japanese mirin
10gr garlic
20gr ginger
100gr beer

100gr baby carrots
1piece of Ugandan Vanila
20gr butter
20gr Apple vinegar

500gr carrot
250gr chicken stock
50gr cream
50gr butter
Rash el Hanout spice

Carrot Green chips
200ml sunflower oil