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Beer Snacks Recipes

Chicken Wings


Marinate the chicken wings with salt, pepper, hot paprika, garlic powder and a little lime juice for about 2 hours.

Mix flour with starch - equal amounts, add salt, pepper, hot paprika and garlic powder.

Mix the wings and fry them in an oil bath. I fry around 6 at once, to give them  space.

In the meantime, I'm making the sauce. Sauté a clove of finely chopped garlic in butter, add ketchup and hot pepper paste, brown sugar and a pinch of vinegar. Leave the sauce on the fire until the sugar melts.

I take the wings, fry them for another minute, until they become crispy, drain them well and roll them in the sauce.

Separately, I cut some apio sticks and a blue cheese sauce (blue cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise)


Chicken wings
Salt, pepper, hot paprika, garlic powder, lime
Hot pepper paste