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Beer Snacks 2021 was launched with a recipe by top-rated Romanian chef and television personality Sorin Bontea. He is best known for being a judge on MasterChef and his roles in Chefi la Cutite (cooking show) and Asia Express Romania. 

He began his cooking journey when he was 16 years old while working in the best restaurants in Bucharest. During his career, he cooked for international stars like Roger Moore, Nicolas Cage and Madonna. 

Sorin Bontea is currently a part of the jury on a popular show Game of Chefs, the highest-rated Romanian cooking show. 

Discover his favourite recipes here or in on Staropramen social channels and bring your A game to the next home gathering or dinner with friends. 

Sorin Bontea

Chicken Wings

What is happiness? According to Chef Sorin Bontea it is a tasty snack next to a cold Staropramen on a day off. If you can relate, we suggest this chicken wings recipe with some spicy crunch included.

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Jalapeno balls

Preparing food from different countries brings us a special joy. Chef Sorin Bontea loves Mexican food, so he is bringing you a fast and easy recipe to serve for your next movie night. Try out his fried jalapeno cheese balls and discover the cheesiest snack ever. To freshen up after the burst of spicy flavours get yourself a Staropramen and enjoy.

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When you say nachos, we say - the ultimate snack! You can prepare it in a million different ways, but @chef.sorinbontea.official added his own twist to the popular nachos. His version is double layered with flavourful beef ragu and pairs smoothly with your favourite Staropramen. Check it out in the latest #BeerSnacks recipe and next time you are craving this popular treat you'll know what to do.

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